KASSETTE | Guitarist and singer
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Kassette is Laure Betris’s solo project. a swiss guitarist and singer who counts. A woman standing on the middle of the stage, her feet firmly anchored and her hair dancing wild in the stars.

Keeping up with Laure Betris’s musical peregrinations is not an easy thing to do. Whereas a majority of artists are content to make their way through the musical magma and to delve into the privileged furrow as deeply as possible, she has always chosen the tangent, preferring to explore lesser known paths and more infamous corridors.

At the age of twenty, fresh out of a teen-girl-band of grunge mediation, Laure went on a solitary quest with her guitar strapped over her shoulder. Her first two albums allowed her to establish herself as a singer-composer-interpreter to avoid saying songwriter. In 2013 she shakes her world with her album « Far », a dark kraut, blues, psyche trip.

With “Bella Lui” (2016) Kassette returns towards the light, matured after her musical voyages and the dozens of concerts which have followed. Now mastering her art much more but ever ready to question it, she remains hungry to share and still has a taste for danger. She gnarls her call for love, invokes our sick souls with passion and wakes the old demons of a rejuvenating rock.